Our development will transpire into creating thousands of jobs & hundreds of millions spent in the next few years


Kentucky Oceans

Our Development Consist of 4 Major Attractions:


Imagine thousands of guests strolling a world-class Aquarium while exploring ecosystems in living  classrooms, discovering nature's diversity through multi-sensory experiences, and learning about the global system of life from engaging interactions.
You do not need to imagine for long . . . this world-class facility is the new Kentucky Journey into the Oceans! Our aquarium will showcase ecosystems from around the world - marine, freshwater, desert, rainforests and wetlands so guests can experience how together they make up just one global ecosystem, The Living Planet.

For teachers and scout groups, our programs are offered year-round.
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When visitors enter The Living Dinosaurs Museum they will literally be going on a journey back in time where the entire floor is decorated with plants and an atmosphere associated with the time these creatures ruled the world. The first floor will be a depiction of the past going back more than 245 million years.

The second floor of the museum will feature huge collection of bone displays and recent discoveries we are able to acquire.
We are creating a dinosaurs’ outdoor park on the right side of the dinosaurs’ museum full of animatronics, interactive play and activities.

We will depict scientific evidence accurately in the most realistic environments.

Website coming soon

Kentucky Fun Park

 providing opportunities to enrich & expand educational programs across the City

We want to guarantee our visitors will come back year after year to enjoy what we offer in our attractions inside out.

Kentucky Fun Park will be a great asset to our aquariums future. Our outdoor park will provide outdoor physical entertainment to our visitors in a fun, safe, beautiful, well organized place packed with activities.
This area will be designed to attract kids and adults and will have between 20 to 30 different rides, huge playground equipment and a few tree houses connected with wooden netted bridges similar to the one in Disney World Magic Kingdom. Visit our web site

Kentucky fun world

Science & research

Kentucky Fun World will introduce our mobile theater which is unique concept of a cinema hall with 80 seats.
It is deployed and set up by our educators in 30 minutes and offers the perfect comfort of a real movie theater. We will drive this innovation to thousands of  schools in Kentucky and Indiana offering interactive educational programs to hundreds of thousands of school kids. Visit our web site


We will offer A variety of education classes for our students enriching their knowledge

Sharks Bay Water Park will develop a waterslides facility to provide a full day of water entertainment. The water park will provide both passive entertainment (lounging and floating) while the pro-active more aerobic customer will receive an exhilarating experience from climbing the hills that service the waterslides and swimming in the pools. Website coming soon

Teachers & students