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Approximately five million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and one in eight people ages 60 and older report memory loss or confusion.

Indiana Fun World will be stepping up to serve this growing demographic. We will develop partnerships with local Alzheimer’s Associations, Indiana Fun World will offer special tours for adults with memory loss, facilitating hands-on art making with art therapists and providing our staff with specialized training on how to trigger memories using works of art as prompts.

Indiana Fun World will trigger patient’s memories with new experiences such as bringing exotic marine life before their eyes. The Living Dinosaurs Museum & Park will display robotic animals that vanished hundreds of millions of years ago. They will be able to associate our attractions with many images their eyes will capture to associate with our attractions. 

In some cases, artists and museum educators travel to memory care residences to draw, paint, sculpt and print with patients.

Indiana Fun World staff will be trained by a local Alzheimer’s Association for our Making Memories program, in which participants use conversation prompts such as art work, marine life or animatronics to create imagery and induce memories.

The program is conducted onsite and as outreach to nursing homes and residences.

Indiana Fun World will work with individuals with dementia and their care providers to provide olfactory and tactile experiences. Participants create objects, such as a fragrant sachet, that serve as a cue for future conversation and interaction.

Following these programs, our participants should report a lasting sense of satisfaction, calm and an increased willingness to converse.

Some of Indiana Fun World programs are specifically geared toward caregivers.

Indiana Fun World will create a program that is specifically designed for caregivers of persons living with memory loss.

Indiana Fun World Sessions will include poetry readings, guest speakers, instruction in meditation and breathing techniques and advice on creating a holiday stress-management plan.

We will create a program called "Memories Are Treasures" to help our community members of all ages who are coping with the death of a loved one by encouraging them to create memorial art.