One in 88 American children is estimated to be on the autism spectrum, and an estimated five percent of children seven and under have a disability or special need.

These children may have special challenges with social interaction, sensory processing, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behavior.

Indiana Fun World will be leading the charge in creating programs for families facing these challenges. We will open early to offer a quieter, less crowded experience for these children and their families. We will offer a summer camp for children with special needs.

Our staff will carefully monitor the building temperature or adjust the lighting in some areas to create a more sensory-friendly environment.

 Indiana Fun World will also utilize multiple learning styles, creating visual representations of what visitors can expect to see and do, in order to help parents prepare their child and minimize unfamiliar and unexpected experiences.

We will train our staff to understand what to expect, how to react and what community resources are available to help our visitors.

Some children create collaborative art projects focusing on building self-expression and communication with peers and teachers in a unique environment.

Indiana Fun World educators will work with teachers, parents, paraprofessionals and site coaches on ways to utilize our what they learn at Indiana Fun World as a regular communication tool for students. In addition to advancing children’s development we will invite local specialists and resource providers to our programs so that parents and kids can talk to experts about their needs or questions.

Indiana Fun World will create a low-stress environment this way: “No diagnosis, no lab coats in sight, just Q & A.” The benefits are not just limited to families.

Indiana Fun World will also offer therapeutic memberships so that health care practitioners can bring their patients to a fun, enriching environment.

Indiana Fun World will be working to increase awareness about kids with special needs with projects.


Indiana Fun World creating awareness

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