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Hospital Outreach

Art, reading, music, poetry, theaters, aquariums and museums have all been proven to deliver profound healing benefits. Indiana Fun World will be making a significant contribution in this area.

Hospital patients around the country are benefiting from therapeutic programs such as art therapy, bedside artmaking and art videos. There are many different hospital outreach programs adopted by museums and aquariums.

For example, our aquarium will be taking exotic fish never seen or touched by most people from the aquariums collection to hospital patients to show and discuss these beautiful creatures.  

Another example we will send our educators to hospitals with robotic animals "animatronics" from The Living Dinosaurs Museum collection and lead a discussion with patients about the history of our planet and the wonderful animals that roamed it at the time.

Animals are carefully selected for imagery that is calming, meditative and uplifting, and are designed to serve those with varying degrees of fear, distress and physical pain.

Patients will even have the opportunity to view our live cameras all around our attractions of marine life and live dinosaurs from the hospitals television to boost spirits and take their minds off their challenging medical circumstances.

Indiana Fun World will hire an Art therapists with specialized mental health training work in collaboration with our educators and patients including those with brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries and amputations to promote coordination, dexterity and speech.

Indiana Fun World brings art-making projects to critically ill children. While dealing with their illness or disability in an unfamiliar environment, children explore and express their feelings, discover ways of working in the visual arts and engage in therapeutic social interaction.

A partnership between Indiana Fun World and its attractions with all the hospitals in the region will offer comfort and a welcome diversion to patients whose days may include blood tests, injections and painful treatments.


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