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Q: What is Indiana Fun World?

A: Indiana Fun World Inc (the “Company”), is an S-Corp formed for the purpose of planning, designing, developing, managing, owning and operating an multiple attractions, water and sports oriented outdoor family entertainment parks. Indiana Fun World combines the capital of many investors to acquire property to develop a family entertainment park in exchange for 40% ownership interest in the Company.


Investor Questions & Answers



Q: How does a “best efforts” offering work?

A: When units are offered on a “best efforts” basis, the Manager, affiliates of the Manager or broker-dealers participating in the offering are only required to use their best efforts to sell the units and have no firm commitment or obligation to purchase any of the units.

Q: What will you do with the money raised in this offering?

A: We will use the aggregate gross investment proceeds to purchase property for the purpose of building Indiana Fun World that consist of the following attractions:

  • Indiana Oceans.
  • Sharks Bay Water Park.
  • The Living Dinosaurs Museum & Jurassic Park.
  • Adventure World Amusement Park.

We intend to invest approximately 89% of the gross proceeds to acquire, develop, manage, own and operate an indoor/outdoor education, research and family entertainment park.

The remaining proceeds will be used to pay fees and expenses of this offering, which shall include sales commissions (all or substantially all of which we expect to be paid to participating broker-dealers), attorney, legal, permits, dealer-manager fees, acquisition fees and offering expenses.

 Q: Is there any minimum investment required?

A: Yes. Generally, you must invest at least $50,000. These minimum investment levels may be waived in the sole discretion of the Company.

Q: If I participate, will I receive dividend distributions and how often?

A: We intend to pay dividends on annual basis. Net profit will be distributed commencing 60 days after the end of the second quarter of profitable business operations.

Q: How do I subscribe for units?

A: If you choose to purchase units in this offering, you will need to complete the Subscription Agreement (all included as part of this Memorandum). You must pay for the units at the time you subscribe, therefore, include payment in the form of certified bank check, personal check or electronic bank wire transfer in the amount of the subscription. 

Q: Who is Indiana Fun World Inc.?

A: Indiana Fun World Inc. is a Family Entertainment Company who specializes in the planning, development, management and operations of amusement, water and theme parks, and family entertainment centers (“FEC’s”).

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