This advanced camp will feature animal interactions, crafts, games, special behind-the-scenes privileges, animal interactions, and more.

Ages: 10-12

Topics (subject to change without notice):

  • Monday: Marine Life Care. - Invertebrates interaction.
  • Tuesday: Is show day, when you can enter the world of visual effects and experience live shows in our 5-D theater. We also intend to offer the new 7-D show technology that will bring the world's animals right  in front of your eyes. 
  • ​Wednesday: Animal Conservation. 
  • Thursday: Sharks & Water Predators 
  • Friday: Animals Algae

Highlights include:

  • Feed fish.
  • ​Go behind the scenes to feed sea otters.
  • Get a behind the scenes look at caring for fish.
  • Learn how important water has been to our planet from the start.
  • Investigate the properties of water: temperature, pressure, and oxygen experiments.
  • Animal touching in our touch pools.
  • Search for hidden animals & collect attraction gifts.
  • Assist animal care staff with the safe pool cleaning.
  • Learn about our state marine life history going back millions of years.
  • Practice identifying animals.

Indiana Fun World reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.

Note: Due to behind-the-scenes access and game time, we ask that your child wear comfortable closed-toe shoes everyday. Please avoid sandals and flip-flops.


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