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For local school children, Indiana Fun World attractions system is an invaluable component of their educational experience.

From early childhood through high school, youth in the city participate in a range of immersive educational experiences, helping them to gain a greater appreciation for animals, technology, arts and humanities.

Thus far, these programs have had an immeasurable impact, creating a legacy of enrichment and inspiring thousands to pursue careers in theme parks. Indiana Fun World will build on this legacy. From the moment visitors enter our attraction, they will encounter dynamic presentations that integrate technology and show business to create a transformative experience.

Permanent and special exhibits will provide natural access points for students to learn about and interpret artistic content through the lenses of innovation and education.

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This page will be updated in the near future as we move forward with our plans

Educational Benefits

Indiana Fun World will provide many opportunities to enrich and expand educational programs across the City. 

The educational role of our attractions is at the core of our  service to the public. People of all ages and backgrounds come to learn from the collections, exhibits and programs created by our aquarium and museum through their research and scholarship.

Indiana Fun World will be offering educational programs in math, science, art, and history using local and state curriculum standards to shape our educational programs.

A recent national survey indicates that Americans view museums as one of the most important resources for educating our children and as one of the most trustworthy sources of objective information.

Museums provide more than 18 million instructional hours for educational programs such as professional development for teachers, guided field trips, staff visits to schools, and traveling exhibits in schools.
Nearly 11,000 American museums provide K-12 educational programming.

Almost 9 out of 10 Americans (87%) find museums to be the most trustworthy or a trustworthy source of information among a wide range of choices, including 38% who see museums as one of the most trusted sources. 

Our attractions are centers of learning

Educational opportunities for youth and adults across the city