The Shoreline Animals program is created for two to three-year-old children with an adult. Join us for the entire series of 8 classes!

These classes are designed for you and your child to interact together in a fun and dynamic learning environment.

Shoreline Animals: Animals in so many different shapes are hiding everywhere on our shorelines. We will introduce shoreline animals to our audience and show them how exotic life is. 

During this 1 ½ hour program, you and your two- to three-year-old child will:

  • Create a fun, ocean themed craft to take home.
  • Take a guided tour of the aquarium.
  • Touch animals in our touch pool.

Other activities may include:

  • Play a game to learn about shapes.
  • Fishing for shapes.
  • Play a shape matching game.

Then stay after class to revisit your favorite exhibits; admission is included!

Explore the exotic life hidden around our shores

Shoreline Animals


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