Commercial sponsorship can be defined as an investment in cash or kind in an event, sport, person or idea, in exchange for access to the commercial exploitation of that event, sport, person or idea.

KentuckyFun World operates as a multi attractions theme park offering educational programs, research centers, history display, entertainment facilities, live shows, events and family activities.

Kentucky Fun World consist of 4 major attractions:

  • KentuckyOceans a public aquarium opens to the public year-round and exhibiting fish and other aquatic creatures and teaching about the ecosystems in which these organisms live. In addition to its everyday function of entertaining visitors, the Aquarium has other more urgent missions both domestically and abroad. The Aquarium engages in activities worldwide which are revolutionary and are responsible for changing the way countries impact the global environment, whether it be altering coastal development to preserve estuary ecosystems, consulting with a company about aquaculture practices which may cause pollution in local streams and rivers, conducting groundbreaking research, or promoting individual actions which can be taken to prevent global climate change. Indiana Oceans cannot do these important activities without sponsorship.
  • The Living Dinosaurs Museum & Park features life-size animatronics dinosaurs, inhabiting outside of our museum. These exhibits allow more than 1,000,000 visitors to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures as they move and make life-like sounds. Our exhibits also include smaller dinosaurs that kids can play on and take pictures with.
  • Adventure World Amusement Park we will have an abundance of rides for the young and old alike 
  • Sharks Bay Water Park Features a full service water park

  • Your Sponsorship is Critical to Kentucky Fun World success. Kentucky Fun World and its attractions exists on investments, sponsorship, visitation and other income associated with our diverse facilities. The care of the animals, development and dissemination of education programs, establishment of research projects and application to conservation activities all are part of what is made possible by donors, investors and sponsors like you.

    Kentucky Oceans

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    Kentucky Oceans will showcase ecosystems from around the world - marine, freshwater, desert, rainforests, and wetlands so guests can experience how together they make up just one global master ecosystem, the Planet we live in.

    Kentucky Oceans is committed to educating our guests about Earth's diverse ecosystems.

    Our Educational attraction provides a multi-purpose space that enhances Kentucky Oceans support of education organizations, where hands-on, inquiry-based learning supports education programs for students of every age and demographic.

    The new aquarium brings hands-on live exhibits, interactive educational programs, and lectures. Field trips, classes and an exciting 5D Theater will bring the guest experience to impactful, memory-making levels.

    Kentucky Oceans offers an array of sponsorship opportunities that include exposure to our hundreds of thousands of annual guests & tens of thousands of visiting school children. Whether your goal is community outreach and involvement, conservation support, increased brand recognition, cause marketing, or client entertainment, we can create a customized benefits package to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. Sponsorship benefits can include:

    • Exposure in print, radio, television and digital advertising.
    • Exposure on marketing collateral and on-site signage.
    • Product sampling and retail opportunities.
    • Promotional opportunities.
    • Employee benefits, tickets, memberships and more.

    Outstanding marketing opportunities will be available soon. Your company’s name or logo will be displayed before huge audience and business leaders, showcasing your company’s commitment to science education for children and youth. Sponsorship support helps our aquarium & museum teach tomorrow’s leaders about our beautiful planet.

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