Educational Programs
Our aquarium & museum will provide educational programs specifically designed for various age groups. At Indiana Journey into the oceans a child can decorate and build their own wooden boat. We will also will have live web cams of some aquariums available on our web site which might interest your children before the visit and as a follow-up to the visit.

Encourages Scientific Exploration and Discovery
We are proud to provide extraordinary learning experiences that promote ocean science and environmental literacy among schoolchildren, families, and the community throughout the state and beyond. 
Hands on learning
Touch Tanks are usually one of the features available for the curious. Our eyes will definitely have plenty of visual stimulation, but we also absorb information through touch. For children, it is another method to better understand our world. At Indiana Fun World children will be able to touch: Sharks (the nice friendly kind), Stingrays, shrimp, hermit crabs and starfish to name a few.

Enhances Vocabulary
For infants, Indiana Fun World will provide extensive visual stimulation which is great for their cognitive development. Talk about what they are seeing and identify animals.

For toddlers, Indiana Fun World will be a great place to further develop vocabulary through identification. Read the signs posted. More importantly, reading out loud is great modeling that encourages children to enjoy reading.

For preschoolers, we will discuss animal comparisons. 

Encourages Relaxation
At Indiana Fun World , there is an internal soundtrack being played that will help our visitors to stay calm.  Our visitors will Not feel pushed or their space invaded.

Sparks Imagination
At one point Christopher Columbus mistakenly identified manatees as mermaids. If you don’t know what a manatee is then go visit an aquarium! There are unusual life forms under the sea and thus it is a great place to spark your child’s imagination. The diverse colors, shapes and textures can provide inspiration for our imagination. Visiting aquariums has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world to redefine what lives in the water and will definitely surprise you and your family.


Aquariums are magical and scientific all at the same time. They provide lots of educational opportunities for your children as well as lifetime memories for the family. 

Whether your field trip includes an educator-led program or is simply a self-led visit, Indiana Fun World will offer a fun and educational experience for your students.

partnering with schools

Kentucky Oceans plans to make major associations with:

  • Local State universities & colleges by promoting the addition of Marine Life Biology Science as a major.
  • Hundreds of schools in Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Louisville Dive Center by giving Kentucky divers a unique diving experience in an interactive environment.
  • Day care centers in Indiana & Kentucky.

Kentucky fun world


Our youngest students are invited to look for shapes, listen for sounds, feel textures, and follow the stories of animals in the ocean.


Ocean habitats and unique adaptations are the focus of these programs, and most include touch time where students will experience a sea star, anemone, shark, and other tidepool animals.


Some of the ocean’s biggest and smallest inhabitants are explored in these programs that encourage students to see the ocean in a new way.


In these hands-on labs, students investigate unique habitats, like deep sea and scientific concepts, such as properties of water.


Classes from colleges and universities are eligible for our low group rate when accompanied by an instructor.