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Mental Health

Disease Prevention

The Time Machine
This program utilizes 20 weather-proof HD cameras to shoot live video and stream it online of several areas of The Living Dinosaurs Museum and its outdoor Jurassic Park offering participants a feeling of stability and constancy when many aspects of their lives are restricted and dictated by illness and treatment.


Indiana Fun World will take animatronics, fish and art making projects to critically ill children at region hospitals. While dealing with their illness or disability in an unfamiliar environment, children explore and express their feelings. Learning about our planet history, interacting with fish from deep down far away oceans, discover ways of working with visual arts and engage in therapeutic social interaction.

We will create workshops for families coping with cancer diagnosis. This program will be called "Kids United Against Cancer".

Clinical social workers. teachers, scientists, and artists will gather at one of our attraction centers for discussion and support.

We  address  health  issues