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Military veterans can face many challenges as they transition from a war zone back to civilian life; these challenges can include the possibility of suffering from PTSD. Indiana Fun World health, educational, training and other supportive programs can play a significant role in helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other problems. PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that can occur after one has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death. PTSD can affect people of all ages. It can follow a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, or events such as: assault, domestic abuse, a stay in prison, rape, terrorism, and of course, war/combat, which is the type of event that we will look at.


Outreach & Hiring

There are American veterans who live among us. Yet, most of the time we don’t even know it. Unless they are family members, we tend not to notice them

Back to Normal Transition program is designed to make your post-military adjustment easier. Transitioning Service members are welcome to take part in the program including Guard and Reserve members.

Indiana Fun World will help our veterans to make their transition a success by offering many services and programs that will help our heroes on the right track of their transition into the civilian world.

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  • Indiana Fun World will have a dedicated veteran recruiter (preferably a veteran familiar with all branches).
  • We will utilize the Veteran Talent Exchange website,, a database for veterans to enter skill set information for employers to browse potential candidates. Also, Military Spouse Talent Exchange,, allows spouses of veterans to post resumes online for employers to browse.
  • Offer “Military 101” training.
  • Teach military core values.
  • Provide an efficient and timely hiring process.
  • List job opportunities on veterans’ recruitment sites. It is free, and veterans are given priority to newly available job listings.
  • Consider hiring veterans on aptitude as opposed to required skills and certifications.
  • Indiana Fun World HR manager will Inventory company jobs and relate them to military occupations. 
  • Understand how to utilize veteran skills within the company.
  • Build the company “brand” and let veterans know the organization is veteran-friendly.
  • Create “Military Handshake” business cards offering veterans information on how to apply for jobs within Indiana Fun World attractions or any other useful information veterans and their spouses might find valuable in their active job search.
  • Offer job advisory sessions online to veterans to provide support and guidance when seeking employment or assistance during the application process at any of our attractions.
  • HR manager must provide video chat to veterans offering time to ask questions regarding applying for job opportunities.
  • Identify organizations in the community that can help with outreach and recruitment.
  • We will offer veteran preference first.
  • Indiana Fun world will offer online tools on our website to assist veterans in the transition and hiring process.
  • Offer internships.
  • Recruit veterans with compatible skills sets transitioning from the military as they relate to open occupations.
  • Offer support in resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • Attend veteran job fairs.
  • Offer or be a part of a virtual veteran hiring event.
  • Talk to veterans about career opportunities at college campuses.
  • Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Text Distributions, Craigslist, and Internal Networking to share job opportunities available within Indiana Fun World.
  • Support veteran culture by getting involved in local veteran organizations and events.
  • Develop company talent by customizing and creating training programs specific to the organization’s needs.